Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eat your veggies!

Did you know that if you have vegetables in your fridge and take the time to cut them up ahead of time, you will actually eat them? Shocking! I know!

In the last few days I have had so many vegetables I don't even know what to do with myself. I had veggies in an omelette for breakfast, a large salad with dinner, and additional veggies in that dinner (veggie and chicken quesadillas). I even chose a more vegetable oriented dish at the chinese restaurant I went to for lunch yesterday (I still need to learn not to bite off the hand of the guy trying to take the fried wontons and duck sauce off the table. I've got witnesses. If I'd still had my chopsticks, it could have gotten ugly. But whatever, baby steps.) Tonight, I intend to make pizza and use more of the vegetables before they go bad.

Here's 10 reasons to eat your veggies. (Most links go to further articles on veggie eating)

  1. Keep Trim
  2. Prevent Heart Disease
  3. Control Diabetes
  4. Avoid Diverticulosis (Diverticulosis has to do with your colon and it doesn't sound all that pleasant.)
  5. Reduce the Risk of Certain Types of Cancer
  6. Prevent Stroke and Other Diseases and Illnesses
  7. Bring Blood Pressure Down
  8. Lower Risk of Adult Blindness
  9. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
  10. Pure Pleasure

Go here to learn how to fit more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Vegetables, they aren't that bad. Who knew?


jt said...

Some tips for eating right and losing weight (from one who knows):

- cook your own dinners. it's better for you, better tasting, and cheaper than going out to eat.

- after dinner, immediately package the leftovers into single-serving sizes, label and freeze them (see below).

- make, and take your lunch to work every day. pack fruit and raw veggies for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. use the frozen entrees from above as your lunch. it's better for you, better tasting, and cheaper than eating out.

DecemberFlower said...

We've been buying the packaged salads, lately. It makes things so much easier that way. Just open the bag, and you have salad. Sometimes I put tomatoes or mandarin oranges on top. It also helps that we keep finding "Manager's Specials" where they mark down the salad that's about to pass the "best before" date, so we end up getting it for a dollar.