Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Inert gases

I am conducting a very dangerous experiment this morning.

I went a little crazy at the grocery store yesterday and purchased Nature's Path Optimum Power Cereal with Flax, Soy, and Blueberry. What can I say? It was on sale. I was feeling virtuous. I was trying desperately not to buy the Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (#82). I had some this morning and it was surprisingly good. If you're a Captain Crunch kind of person it might shock your pallet a little, but despite the fact that I don't really like the texture of something as "healthy" as Cheerios, I actually liked it. It's got sweetened twigs, flakes, and puffed rice thingies so the texture and "mouth feel" vary enough to make you not think someone has tied you to a trough.

The thing is, it also has fiber. Lots and lots of fiber - 10g in one serving, which adds up to 40% of a person's daily fiber needs in one bowl. And who am I kidding, when was the last time I ate just a serving of cereal? Even of something that claims to have flax in it (Don't feel bad, I didn't really know what it was either.) I also added raisins. Methinks I will be dealing with some serious gastrointestinal issues later. My co-workers may as well. Indirectly. Be thankful you are not within a 100 foot radius of me today. And if you are, move the hell out of the way if I need to make a break for the restroom. And hand me some reading material as I fly by, would ya? I may be in there awhile.

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tjdygon said...

At least you wont have the problem of passing out on the toilet again! Good luck!
Diet's been going- haven't done much. Eating less and not much junk. Too busy trying to get boxes packed. Right now I am so stressed I could throw everthing up! But my pants fit which is a good thing and they are getting looser!
Tomorrow is the BIG day! I sign the paperwork on my house!!!!