Thursday, May 17, 2007

Out of the ether

I just got a comment from Tanklm on my last post that said:

"Hey, this blog used to be funny. Can we have some funny posts every once in a while?"

My first response was to want to tell tanklm (who does not him/herself appear to have a blog, or at least not one he/she shares) to take a long walk off a short pier. Instead, I am going to "live in the gap," as I learned in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Which means, essentially, that between something that happens, and your response, you have a choice on how you'll react. You can do something knee jerk, or you can think about it and then respond. You may still go with the original knee jerk response, but at least you'll know why. So, that being said, I'd actually like to thank tanklm for thinking that my blog was funny in the first place. It's hard to know what people think since I'm literally putting my words out in the ether not knowing even if it's being read, nevermind enjoyed, hated, or whatever. Feedback is good. Yeah! I was funny! Go me.

The entertainment level of my blog has actually been on my mind recently, but so has improving my health. I started this blog as a way to talk about my divorce, my new life in the dating world, and my feelings around those events (see archives for the beginning of that saga). The blog has bloomed since then into a daily journal and my ramblings about life in general. I'm glad people have found it and have been reading. It's odd to know that there are readers out there that I do not know exist who know some pretty darn personal stuff about me. My family doesn't even know I blog so you should consider yourself special.

Not surprisingly, it is not easy to be funny on cue. There are days when I'm so pumped that I can't help being amusing about even mundane things, but then there are days when it is easier to pull out my own toenails one by one than to share a story, even if it is intrinsically amusing on it's own. Granted, I've had plenty (more than my fair share perhaps) of those incidents. If you've joined me recently and began with the poop/fainting episode you may have a distorted view of how amusing I can be. I'm pretty sure I can't top that story. There's only so much humiliation one person can handle. I mean really. Panties around the ankle face down on the linoleum at work? It's awesome material, but I don't want to have to repeat things like that too often.

I read several other blogs that I find amusing and I wonder how they do it. Day in, day out they are entertaining. I guess I'm more cyclical than they are, or maybe not as talented. Although I may beat them in volume. I post pretty much every day. In fact, this is my 604th post since October, 2005. That's about 32 posts/month! Good lord! That number surprises me. (If only I spent so much time on my day job.) Perhaps those other bloggers have decided that their goal is to be amusing. A lot of those blogs have advertisements and strive to grab an audience. I don't always have a goal for this blog. I don't think I necessarily need one either. I'm certainly not in it for the money, or to grab a book deal (I just finished my thesis. For the love of all that is mocha, if I never have to write anything longer than a blog post in my life I'll be happy). Because I don't have a "goal," I can experiment with things and see how they go. Obviously, tankml wants me to bring back the funny. I'd love to oblige, but on my own terms. They are the only ones I've got after all.

I appear to be in a cycle where I want to reach out to people through my blog. I'm excited about finally taking steps to lose those last few pounds. I know that my excitement will wane sooner than later. However, if I enlist a few people in my cause, and perhaps help them as much as they help me, I'll keep on going. I promise (and I would have promised this before tanklm's comment) that the current thread of health and exercise will most likely be relegated to 1 post per week unless I come across something interesting to share. I can't, however, promise to be funny. I can try, but it ain't always going to happen.

If I do happen to top my poop/fainting episode, I'll be sure to tell you.

In the meantime, a priest, a rabbi, and a blogger walk into a bar...


Shell said...

I say go with your first instinct and tell Mr. (Ms.?) Critic to piss up a rope.

But that's me. I am a grievously Ineffective Person, as well as kind of a bitch. You're nicer. :)

Sock Girl said...

Blogging is a very personal thing. Ultimately it is your blog of your life. And frankly life generally speaking isn't always that funny day in and day out. That said, you have a wonderful ability to laugh at yourself when life throws you a twister, and I love that.