Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sassy's Seven Week Fitness Challenge

Hello dear readers and welcome to -

Sassy's Seven Week Fitness Challenge!

I was just going to do this by myself but then I thought, "Heck, a lot of the people who come visit me at Big Girl Underoos have been trying to lose weight or get fit or both, so why not share my goals with them and see if they want to join me. Plus, it'll make me accountable and force me to do this."

So, what is the "this" I'm talking about? "This" is a weight loss and/or fitness goal, and seven weeks to do it. I realized that in the back of my brain I always have the goal, "Lose weight." But even when I'm supposedly trying to lose that weight, I'm not really doing anything. I'm thinking about it. A lot. But I haven't really DONE anything. And the reason is that I haven't thought about the steps to reach that goal. I suppose "eat better" and "workout more" are steps, but really, what do they mean? They are amorphous and not really helpful in the long run unless you define them more specifically. Out of my realization that I need some actual measureable steps came Sassy's Seven Week Fitness Challenge!

My Goal:
  • Lose 5% of my body weight (Translation - 7 lbs)

Steps (current, may be tweaked over time):

  • Determine a deadline (7lbs in 7 weeks. Just in time for July1)
  • Write a food journal and exercise log
  • Join the 200 Club - i.e. do 200-250 minutes of aerobic activity per week
  • Plan meals ahead
  • Get a heart rate monitor
  • If I crave chocolate or sweet foods, eat fruit
  • Either ingest 500 calories less per day, use 500 calories more, or a combination of the two.
  • Don't drink my calories (Anybody know a good subsitute for mocha lattes? Luckily, we are now in iced coffee season and I can drink that instead w/ sugar subsitute and skim milk.)

That's it. Do you have a goal? Run a 5K, lose 5-10 pounds, go to the gym 3 times/week, finish a program on the treadmill? What are the steps that will get you there? No step is too small. If your goal is to get to the gym 3 times per week, what's been stopping you? Do you have the right tools - a membership, sneakers, maybe an iPod. If not, go get them! When you've conquered that excuse, conquer another.

If you'd like to join me, feel free to put your goal and steps in the comments. I'll try to post an update and maybe some interesting links every Sunday or Monday until July 1.


canadian sadie said...

My goals:
* gym 3 times per week minimum
* lose 14 pounds in 7 weeks
* lay off the fast food - once per week only
* increase daily fibre intake by eating breakfast and wholegrain snacks
* 2 litres of water daily

Good luck, Sassy! I think we'll both need it!

tjdygon said...

I need to get in shape!
I've been eating less, but need to eat somewhat better! More fruit and veggies!
Also we talked how I need to learn how to jog! Am going to start this week!
Wish me luck

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

My goals:
* Do one exercise dvd every night after work.
* Eat more real foods: fruits and vegetables.
* Plan ahead to avoid fast food.

Keeping up with those goals is what I am hoping will achieve the ultimate goal of losing 15 pounds and the jiggles.

DecemberFlower said...

My goals:
-exercise at least three times a week
-get a bicycle
-lose 10 lbs

I think small goals are good for starters.