Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sassy's tips for getting fit:

1) Sign up (and be sure to pay) for a race of some sort - 5K, sprint length triathlon, 20 mile bike, whatever. (Go to for a list of races in your area and training tips). Most are for charity so you can feel good about where the money goes. Feel free to drag a friend into it. Misery loves company.

2) Determine how much time you have before the event to train.

3) Have a panic attack

4) Get over your panic attack and create a plan of attack.

5) Start your plan. (There are plans on the website for every possible event and fitness level. I didn't use one until I did the half marathon last summer. It actually worked. Who knew?)

6) Continue having panic attacks and mini meltdowns. (They are actually good for you because they get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. It's cardio!)

7) Continue getting off your couch and getting either outside or to the gym. You will have set backs. You will want to whine and curse. You will rue the day you ever signed up for the race. But channel that negative energy into a workout, not into a bag of potato chips.

8) Go to the race you signed up for. Be nervous. Be excited. Be sure to go to the bathroom beforehand.

9) Finish. Even if you are dead last and have to crawl over the finish line using only your lips. (Or give it your best shot anyway. At least you showed up! And probably got a T-shirt.)

10) Celebrate! You did it! Whoo hoo!

Now get up and do it again.

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