Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Words of encouragment and Bitchiness

First, the encouragement.

Welcome JT (not to be confused with TJ) to the Challenge!

1) Thanks Celebrate WooWoo for pointing out FitDay.com. You can start a free account there and track your food and weight loss. I'd been there a long time ago and it looks like they've improved it since then. 2) You go TJ for getting out there and running! Every little bit counts. 3) Good luck saving up money for a bike December Flower!

Finally, go me for passing three, count 'em, 1, 2, 3, coffee houses at lunch yesterday and not getting a mocha latte. And boy did I want to.

Why did someone not tell me sooner that fudgicles are only 70 calories?! I have found a replacement product for when Friendster Guy buys ice cream. Perfect!

Now, on to the bitchiness. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

So, you may recall that my X's girlfriend is pregnant and I found out because my X told my sister but told her not to tell. Whatever, she told me. I promised not to tell anyone, but did tell my X I knew. At a party the other day, my friend Dr. C and his wife Mrs. Dr. C, who are co-friends of me and X (Dr. C was in our wedding party), brought up my X and asked/stated, "His girlfriend's pregnant isn't she?" It was fairly out of context so I wasn't prepared to lie to his face. I said, "I'm not saying anything." which they, probably rightfully, took to be a yes. Anyway, I get this email message from my X this morning.

He wrote: It wasn't very nice to find out that Dr. C and Mrs. Dr. C already figured out the pregnancy based on something you said at a party. I know things can slip out, but I was really looking forward to surprising them with the news and it was pretty dissapointing to not be the first one to let them know. And even if the comment, (which Dr. C can't remember) was meant for co-workers, I thought you were not going to say anything to anyone until I let you know it was OK, as my girlfriend and I have gone to great lengths to keep it quiet. I hope you haven't mentioned it to the Smiths or Carrie [other co-friends], as I'll be calling them this week.

Not angry, per se, just a dissapointed, X
--- end of quote ---

Here's what I responded:
I understand, you're right and I'm sorry. However... I can't recall the exact conversation but I know that for some reason they brought it up, which I thought was odd, almost as if they knew already, but even still, I didn't say anything directly and I did not confirm their guess, which was something along the lines of, "she's pregnant isn't she?" I seem to recall that it didn't even fit in the conversation at hand. It really made me think they knew already. So I said, "I'm not saying anything" (I didn't have time to blatantly lie to their faces) then I changed the subject and thought they'd left without being the wiser. Or at least not knowing for sure.

No, I have not said anything to the Smiths or Carrie.

[Here's where I got bitchy, and I think rightly so.]

Maybe if you stopped telling your secrets to my sister...I'm just saying. If we're sharing disappointments, I'm disappointed that my family knows your girlfriend more than they know my boyfriend because of his schedule and your insistence on going down to visit. You may not realize how much it hurts me but it does. I've been trying to be the bigger person but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad you are moving farther away from them.

Anyway, congratulations on making it through the first trimester or whatever deadline prompts you to tell people. You'll be a good dad.
--- end of quote ---

I can't even manage to be bitchy without also being nice. (I should take lessons from my sister. She told my Mom that if I didn't call on Mother's Day I was going to hell.) So that's how I started my morning. Good times.


josh said...

well, at least you got rid of the guy who can't spell disappointed.

Sassy Pants said...

I know! I almost fixed the typo but bitchiness prevailed and I left it in. Ha! Take that.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm loving this encouragement...and also love the bitchiness because it seems so well deserved;>

FitDay has my love for carbs blaring at me. I just had no idea how much of my diet was carb-based. Even though they're mostly good carbs, it's still too many without a good protein balance. Yay for exercise!