Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The difference between Aagghh and Aaaahhhh

I need a minute to vent and settle down.

I probably need several.

I'm having one of those "Holy f'ing shit why did I come back from vacation?" moments. You know the ones. I'm trying to maintain the bliss from a week away but evil forces are conspiring against me. "Evil forces" in this case being bosses and on-going projects that the work fairy didn't finish while I was away. She's totally fired.

I'm taking deep breaths and trying to do just one thing at a time. I'm also trying to talk myself down off the ledge of overwhelmed by saying, "Look at how much stuff you've already done this morning!" It's sort of working...until I look at how much more I still have to do. And how it will never end.

I think I need a job with more finite projects. Does such a thing exist? Oh, yeah. I've done them. They're called Temp Jobs. There is something to be said for Temp Jobs. Although that something to be said isn't "look how much money I'm making stuffing envelopes!"

All right. Back to the grind. Wish me luck.

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