Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spice up your life!

We can all rest easy now. Our long awaited dreams have come true. Not only has Paris Hilton been released from jail (remind me again why we should care about anything having to do with her?), but the Spice Girls have announced a reunion.

The years seem to have treated the "girls" nicely. They don't appear to have any ill effects now that they have, er, seasoned.

Get it? Spice Girls...seasoned...what?

Anyway, think way back to 1997. Would any of you have believed that Ginger Spice (bottom pic, far right, for those of you who spent the 90s in an undergound bunker) would become all earth mother gorgeous? Or that Posh Spice, aka Mrs. Beckham, would be the Scary one?

You know what's kinda nice? The fact that over ten years, they've grown into womanly bodies. With the exception, of course, of Mrs. Posh Beckham who appears to be shrinking down until soon she'll only be a head and two boobs. Big, big boobs. She'll have to be careful or Mr. Beckham might kick them about. "Honey, my boobs are not soccer balls." "Don't worry darling. I can buy you oodles of new ones. Goooooaaalll!!!"

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