Monday, July 30, 2007

Expert or Crack Addict?

At first I thought this article, Ten New Etiquette Tips for the Workplace, was an April Fools type list. I could have sworn there was going to be a punchline like, "Just kidding, do the exact opposite of what I just told you to do or else you'll pretty much be fired. Duh!" But no, this woman is serious. And as far as I can tell, if I did the following 6 out of the 10 "tips" I'd be packing my bags faster than a celebutante can get herself out of rehab.

1. Forget the exit interview.
2. Don't ask for time off, just take it.
3. Keep your headphones on at work.
5. Invite your CEO to be a friend on Facebook.
8. Don't blog under a pseudonym.
9. Call people on the weekend for work.

Informal poll: Do any of you work in a place where any combination of those would be acceptable?


Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

My previous two positions allowed for a more lenient time-off request policy. It isn't really that I have to ask permission, but I have to let my boss know that I will not be there that day. I make sure whatever I need covered is covered, and it is left to me. I think if taken literally, meaning just send and email to your boss and don't show up the next week, would not be good, but having to ask for permission does seem childish.

And, yes, I can work with my headphones on, but I write training manuals for a living, so I don't need to hear other people;>

pagalina said...

1. I don't think exit interviews are particularly helpful. at first i thought they were saying "don't go to a scheduled meeting" but exit interviews don't seem to result in any action at all. I don't generally tell the truth about why I'm leaving because by the time I'm going, I'm so sick of the entire place and there's just no reason to spread THAT love.
2. I think it depends on your boss, my last one was a totally insane maniac and I was generally afraid of him, he got asked for his permission. Current boss is extremely easy going so I just let him know in advance when I'll be taking time off.
3,4, 5 are just retarded.

arf said...

In my field we tend to have a lot of people working at desks with no cube-walls diving them, so we're allowed to wear headphones. We also pretty much just work by ourselves all day.