Sunday, July 22, 2007

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!"

I saw Sicko today.

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It not only made me cry (several times), but it made me sick to my stomach. I just wanted to throw up. Seeing the avoidable hell that people (Americans) have to go through because of an illness or even a simple procedure just...I can't even express it. The fact that universal health care works in other parts of the world (England, Canada, France, Cuba!) and the population is healthier and happier while we (the U.S. health care industry) can't seem to get our heads out of our asses (or is that assets?) boggles the mind.

Go see it. Even if you hate Michael Moore, go see it. Go see it and tell me you aren't sickened. And frightened, and ready to move to Canada where the health care is free. (The credits even point you to a site to go to if you want to marry a Canadian for access to their health care program

I'll tell you what, in the next election I'm paying close attention. I'm only supporting candidates who support universal health care and have a plan to move it forward. I've found a new soap box.

I can't imagine we live in a society where things like this happen. If you want to hear the trials and tribulations of a real person without health insurance who comes down with cancer, look no further than my sidebar - Lymphopo (formerly Granny gets a vibrator) tells it like it is and it ain't pretty.

Sorry to be such a downer, especially since you are probably seeing this Monday morning, but dear god, our system makes people into monsters. It demonizes the patients and sucks the soul out of the practioners. Speaking of soul sucking, dig yourself out of Harry Potter 7 and get thee to the movie theater!

Here's a collection of snippets from the movie spoken by Tony Benn, a former member of the British Parliament. I wish he could run for our presidency (or be my grandpa). He was so articulate and bright in this film.

"If you have the money to kill people, you have the money to help people." - Tony Benn

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