Thursday, July 19, 2007

Real women aren't blurry

THIS is why being a normal person sucks. There is no way one can live up to the airbrushed standards of what it means to be a woman (or for that matter a man) in the world when things like Photoshop exist. Exibit A: Faith Hill on the cover of Redbook -

Original image of the real Faith:

Check out the full article (and better pictures) at Jezebel here. And the fictionalized "thoughts" (1-11) going on in the brain of whoever did this to poor, lovely as is, Faith, here. At the first link, there's a picture that flashes between the original and the airbrushed pic and if you stare at any one part of Faith the changes start to look really freaky. Try staring at her forearm for a second or two. It's like she's an alien. *Shiver*

I agree with Jessica at Indexed on this one:


Michael J. said...

Yeah, couldn't agree more. Check out this movie I blogged the other day. What is beauty?

Anonymous said...

That is pretty cool.