Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shades of Gray

I'm pro-choice and I found this video fascinating. It's interviews with Pro-life folks asking simply, if abortion were illegal, what punishment should the woman who has one get?

People on both sides of the issue demonize the other side. This humanized the pro-life side for me, at least a little. I mean, not a single one said the woman should burn in hell and only one said a woman should go to jail (and she wavered on it based on circumstance). Although they are very often thinking in black and white when it comes to the fetus, there is obviously some gray thinking (or no thinking at all) when it comes to the woman. Obviously, these people should have thought a little more about this particular consequence of the outcome they hope for (i.e. abortion being illegal) but honestly, how much had I really thought about it myself?

This whole issue is just nuance after nuance and shades of gray. Interesting.

Here's a Newsweek article about it. A quick quote:

"The great thing about this video is that you can see the mental wheels turning as these people realize that they somehow have overlooked something central while they were slinging certainties."

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