Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vidal Sassoon can kiss my big white heiny

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.

It loves to torture me and I hate it.

My hair is super thin, super fine, and super straight. Except where it's not (super straight that is).
Right now, I'm trying to grow it out for no other reason than that's just what I do from time to time. But then it gets to a point where I say, with intense frustration, "$@# this!" and chop it all off. I believe, at its current length (i.e. in between any style of any kind) and with the current humidity, I'm this close to a meltdown. It's juuuust able to go behind my ears, but not all of it. The rest is kind of doing random flippy things that somehow manage to look cute on celebrities (with personal hair stylers) and on me looks like I had a bad accident with a flowbee and a curling iron.
I'm an inept hair styler, my head is too round for headbands, I'm missing the cleft on the back of my head that would hold any sort of bandana or cute elastic thingy (Seriously. I can put one of those on but it quickly leaps off the back of my head because it has nothing to hold on to), and my hair is so thin I have to use the kind of rubber bands they use to connect braces. You know, the ones kids would shoot at you from their mouths in junior high. I can wrap them three times around what counts as a pony tail. Of course, right now my hair isn't even long enough for that.

Oh, and I found 3 white hairs. Sigh...

I wish either baldness or indoor hat wearing was in vogue. I'd totally rock either look. Or both at the same time.

Of course then I'd just be forced to bitch about my double chin, and focus on my sucky wardrobe.

It's always something.


pagalina said...

I have rather curly hair and it's cut a little short so i'm dealing with a very unfortunate "poodle perm" look. But it's natural. sigh. Usually you have to work at hair this bad.

DecemberFlower said...

I'm dealing with "too short to put up, but too hot to straighten it" right now. My hair is wavy/curly, but there's no way to impose order on the chaos. I just have to toss gunk in my hair and hope for the best.

I've thought about shaving my head, too, but it'd probably look awful as it grew back in.