Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bloggy Stuff/Pointless Post

Although I would like to look like a Disney Princess (Belle to be specific) I do not have eyes three times larger than is physically possible. Hence, I changed my avatar over there on the sidebar. (Aside: People don't use the word "hence" enough. I suggest you smatter your conversations with it today. Along with "heretofore", "forthwith," and "effervescent.") I, as an avatar, was looking decidedly awake, demure, and, let's face it, like every anime porn character ever. (Welcome internet pervs) Now, I at least have regular size eyes (if not waist, clavicles, boobs and ass). I kind of look squinty actually but what can you do?

Speaking of boobs and ass - here are some terms web surfers used to find their way to me. As far as I can tell, these googled terms were heretofore unutilized to find me (See how I did that? I used one of my words. Poorly, yes, but I used it.)

  • "Airbrushed pants for girls", "tushy girl shit", "big girl [insert body part or sex act here]", and my personal favorite, "big round boobies covered in chocolate".
Since I have nothing real to tell you at the moment, you must check out this eBay item. Or not the item really, but the description.

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