Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On posting and posture

I think I have blogger's block. I keep coming up with all sorts of little possible topics but I start to compose a post in my head and it goes nowhere. Granted, most blog posts tend to be rather pointless and asinine, and mine are certainly no exception, but there is a line between amusing quips and stupid ramblings that I try not to cross overmuch.

For instance, I was going to talk about Sarah Jessica Parker admitting that her heel wearing during Sex and the City messed up her knees. Then I was going to babble on about how about 2 years ago I stopped wearing heels and started wearing flats to keep my hips and spine aligned. But, except for saying something about how I'm 5'2" and Friendster Guy is 6'2" and I picked a strange time to stop wearing shoes that give me height (if for no other reason than less neck cramps during upright makeout sessions) that was all I could think of to blog about. And that ain't much. Although, it did give me a reason to think about smooching. And if I add some chocolate to my daydream all is good in the world.

I'm going to go stare out the window now. Carry on.

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