Friday, August 24, 2007

The Power of Three

A slight digression until I get to the point which is probably just as pointless as the digression:

The title of this post could indicate I watch too much Charmed. This is most likely true considering that one episode may be too much. It is always on the TV at my gym but even though I've seen various pieces and parts of a bazillion episodes I still don't know 1) the big picture (is there one? i.e. what is the subplot that threads it's way through all the episodes? I mean, just what the hell is The Source? Why do all the demons want to kill them? How is it possible that their boobs don't pop out of their skimpy outfits while they are fighting creatures from the underworld?) and 2) what any of their voices sound like. The show is somewhat inspiring (and, yes, also annoying) in that there are three women about my age with gorgeous bodies who kick ass AND take names. They've got a whole book full of them. (Shit. I just IMDBed Alyssa Milano and she's four years OLDER than I am. Sigh...) Their physique and physicality make you crank up the treadmill just a little. I say to myself, "Self, if only you worked out just a little harder, you too could be kicking back after a hard day vanquishing evil dressed in leather hot pants and a top from here

End digression.

The power of three I'm talking about is how things come in threes - deaths, celebutant DUIs, etc... Earlier in the year there was a threesome of pregnancies, none, luckily, involving me directly. My sister, her best friend from childhood (who might as well be my little sister too), and my X are all pregnant and due in September, October, and November respectively. Egads.

The second set of threes in my life is evictions.
First, it was my brother:
"Yeah, so, I've been living in an illegal apartment. My landlord applied for a permit to build a second egress, thus, potentially making it a legal dwelling. This, coupled with the really bad tenants who moved onto the first floor and have caused several neigbors to complain (no one is sure how many people actually live in that apartment. They moved in at 2 in the morning.) brought the landlord to the attention of the city. Yadda, yadda, we have to move out."

Next it was Dr. C and his lovely wife K, the lawyer:"Our landlord, the guy who rented us the apartment in the retirement home even though we aren't even 30, is selling the condo and we need to move out. It sucks ass [even doctors and lawyers use bad words] because its a sweet place - humongous, half way between where we work, and the neighbors are really quiet. Obviously. Their average age is 75 and most of them spent the winter in Florida. I know that Bridge players can get pretty rowdy at times but it's not like they're throwing parties until 2am." I don't quite know how they managed to rent it, something about the places being individually owned and the owners having some sort of discretion, but they have to leave before it is sold.

Lastly, we have Friendster Guy. Our third and hopefully final eviction. He too is in a condo being sold. Luckily, he was already in the process of looking for a house of his own so this just kicked it up a notch. As he said, "I was already on the road, I just had to switch lanes." Unfortunately, house hunting has not gone as nicely as he would like. For one, this area is expensive. You have to keep expanding the distance away from the center of town (cluster of towns) where we work before you can find something affordable. And then you have to take into account the commute/gas and the potential for snow and such. It's all well and good to buy a beautiful house but if it takes you an hour to get to work in order to pay for it, it's not worth it. For another, buying a house requires talking to people. FG is not a big fan of in-person or telephone conversations. Note to any realtors and bankers out there: You will open your market tremendously if you are able to interact with a client solely through the web, email and text messaging. FG was ahead of the curve computer nerd-wise but he's not alone in this foible. Everyone coming down the pike is going to expect anonymous interactions that get the job done.

As for the power of three? I just hope it's done for the moment and not looking for another situation to triplicate. I'm already in 2 wedding parties next year. I don't need another one.

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