Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rub a dub dub, I'll read in my tub

The world would be a better place if someone would work out the technology so that I could read in the shower.

My morning routine starts with reading on the commode and there are some (most) days I just want to keep reading. But since every minute sitting means another less to spend frantically running around getting ready (not to mention that my feet start going numb) it would be nice if I could multitask by conditioning and finishing a chapter. The shampoo companies should be the ones to invent the technology because they'd be direct beneficiaries - I'd lather, rinse and repeat my way to purchasing a whole heck of a lot more product just to stay in there longer.

We have iPods, eBooks, and nano-whoodeydoodies. There has to be something out there already (and don't think I didn't Google to see if there is), or someone intrepid enough to try to circumvent the problems inherent in bringing things that get soggy into a moist environment. Yes, I'm talking to you Vidal Sassoon. Get on it wouldja?


Josh said...

i guess this depends on what sort of shower you have, but with my old bearclaw tub, i can just set up a music stand outside the tub and drape a hand towel over it so i can dry my hand before i turn a page.


ineffably said...

you know, I spend quite a lot of time in the airplane...and as I was browsing through the latest edition of SkyMall magazine, I noticed that there was an ipod dock for you toilet paper roll. Brilliant, I thought to myself. I could listen to my ipod as I was on the throne...I imagine if someone has thought of this, they have thought of something similiar for the could put something similar to a 'book on tape' but on your ipod????