Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey Sassy, what did you do yesterday?

Oh, nothing much. Ate leftover Indian cuisine, worked out, quit my job, hung out with Friendster Guy.

Wait. What was that?

The Indian cuisine? Yeah, it was good. We tried this new lamb dish...

No! The other one. That one where you said you quit your job.

Oh, right. That. Yeah. I've been holding out on you a little bit. Ok, a LOT bit.


Well, I decided that being a college administrator wasn't my bag baby. So I did a 180 degree career switch and I'm going to be a personal trainer.

'Scuse me? I just heard you say you're going to be a personal trainer.

Yes. You heard, or more correctly, read, me correctly. I'm quitting my lucrative (although mind numbing) job with good (really good) benefits to work with sweaty people all day and get paid by the hour.

Personal trainer like on Biggest Loser?!

Yep. Jillian or whoever that new chick is ain't got nothing on me!

Holy crap.

I know. I'm probably more surprised than anyone.

Well. Congratulations.

Thanks. I'm a bit terrified. Knowing I'm soon going to have to wear spandex all day does that to a person.


Michael J. said...

Wow! Congratulations! That's great news. Please send your new email, etc!

MiChal said...

Wish you were 100o miles away. I'd hire you to be my personal trainer!

Sock Girl said...

OMG! Good for you for following your heart!

David said...

woah.. I often dream about being a personal trainer.. I work at a college now.. network engineer. It's ok.. but no passion in networks. Hmmm should I go for the big career change?