Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stars(and stripes)Struck

Whilst talking to my friend at the gym:

Friend: Blah, blah, blah, Hillary Clinton blah, blah, blah, debates are causing too much traffic, blah, blah, blah, Barak Obama...

Me: *gasp!*

Friend: What?

Me: (leaning in and whispering) He's right behind you!

Friend: No!

Me: Yes! He's on the treadmill behind you!

Friend: Oh my god! [she swivels around to see (not a move I would advise while on an elliptical machine)] (Then, to Barak who has obviously just seen our exchange or at least her twisting) Hi!

Me (to Barak): We were just going to start talking about you.

Barak: All good I hope!

Us: Absolutely! (smile, smile, giggle, smile)

Friend: (referencing the debates and all the signage, campaigners, and headaches) We were just saying that here in New Hampshire we're bombarded by all the candidates and the chaos that follows them around.

Barak: (nods politely and smiles in understanding.)

Me: It's ok though, we like red, white and blue in New Hampshire (internal groan acknowledging cheesiness of statement).

Us: Good luck tonight!

Barak: Thanks!

That wasn't too terribly cheesy of me was it? Profound meaningful statements do not come to to person when one is surprised in the gym like that. I'll tell you what, I stayed there talking to my friend longer than I would have simply to be in his line of sight. And you know how if there is a cute guy in the room whose attention you want all of a sudden you and your friends are infinitely more funny and you laugh a lot and more loudly to call attention to yourself? Yeah. I totally did that. I was inadvertently one-sided flirting with a Presidential candidate.

Dear Monica - I kinda get it.

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