Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm thinking of a number...

It's official, I am thick in the middle.

According to the bridal store where I am ordering a bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding, my measurements indicate that:

My bust is size 8
My hips are size 8
My waist is size 14!


It's amazing how quickly learning an arbitrary number will send you tumbling into a fit of lowered self-esteem despite being at an all time thinness/fitness level. The #14 totally trumped the fact that I have been able to tighten my belt 2 whole notches. Stupid numbers. I'll get over it though and it'll just make me work that much harder. Entire body size 8 here I come!

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DecemberFlower said...

I felt pretty bummed when I found myself trying 40C bras in an attempt to find SOMETHING that fit right.

(It's funny how you can take bra measurements and go into a store thinking you know your size, and it doesn't even really matter because every bra is totally different.)