Friday, October 26, 2007

The twilight zone, in pastels.

This is just horrifying. You simply must go the link and click on the parts of this product. The commercial below is bad - "I love when my laundry gets so clean/taking care of my home is a dream, dream, dream!" (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little) but the website promotional material is even worse.

Yes, when I was a kid I did have a mini-stove, mini-fridge and various and sundry baby care products (cribs, strollers, etc.) Not that I played with them. I was more of a builder than a caretaker - Legos, Lincoln Logs, blocks, couch cushions... However, the toys I had in the homemaker ilk were inherited from my Aunt. Ergo, these toys were from the actual 50s when, if we are to believe television programming from that time, all women wore aprons (unless they were harlots) and men had a refreshing cocktail placed in their hand upon returning home from work.

My niece does own a "kitchen" (several actually - somehow all her grandparents ended up with one. I have enough of a hard time keeping my own kitchen clean nevermind one in miniature) but the person that plays with her in it the most is her Dad. They play what I can only define as "Diner." He barks orders at her as if she's a short orded cook and she fills them gleefully. This is somehow much different from the way this "cottage" is being marketed. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was a Saturday Night Live parody. It's so riddled with god-awful stereotypes that I can't even stand it. *Shudder*

Thanks Finslippy aka AlphaMom for the head's up. Ack.

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