Friday, November 02, 2007

Eerie coincidence, or destiny?

Oh! Mah! God!

Yesterday I went to the NaBloPoMo page and clicked on the member list. This list shows a random assortment of 20 people participating in NaBloPoMo and one picture catches my eye. I think, hmm...that person looks familiar. Like a guy I knew in high school 13 years ago. Curious, but doubtful, I go to his blog, look around to see if he's left any bloggy clues to his identity, and lo and behold! He is a long lost friend of mine!

Of all the blog joints in all the world, what are the chances?

Thank you NaBloPoMo for reconnecting me with a long lost friend!


Wayne said...

This was clearly destiny.

It is so awesome to be in touch with you again!

"Want a lifesaver?"

Justin M. said...

Hahahaha... I remember "this guy"