Friday, November 09, 2007

Now wait just a cotton pickin' minute

I know I have all my days confused because of the move and such but I also know (now that I've spent some good bathroom thinking time on it) that I posted that JCPenney post on Wednesday. I started the draft on Tuesday. Stupid Blogger left the draft date on it instead of the post date. Grrr...!

Oh well. I wasn't gunning for prizes anyway.

Today is move day. As soon as I finish my breakfast I'm going over to the new place to put a last coat of paint on the living room before the furniture comes this afternoon. And by "before the furniture comes" I mean before we go pick up a truck and a few wonderful friends help us lug heavy objects out of and into our various domiciles. Luckily, this time, Friendster Guy can rely on his manly friends instead of me asking my friends who have already sacrificed their spines on way too many occasions to ask again. For me, this is move number 3 since 2005 and I haven't made that many new friends I could bug. That's just asking a little too much.

Ok, off to paint!

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Sock Girl said...

Happy moving day! I have been in the position of being unable to find "volunteers" due to too many moves in a short period of time. Hope the move goes smoothly for you!