Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh the autonomy!

I've been such a pathetic blogger these past few weeks. Not only have I moved, but I've started a job where I don't necessarily need to go on the computer. I didn't realize how helpful going to an office job was toward my blogging consistency.

What I used to do was go to work, turn on my computer, and do a blog post. It allowed me to ease into my day and warm up my brain and my fingers for a long day of typing and thinking. Now that I don't start the day specifically on the computer I don't quite know when to blog. And those random thoughts I'd have all day long while day dreaming in my office were easier to blog when I was already sitting at a keyboard and could just start typing. It's not as easy to remember to blog a random thought you had 4 hours earlier.

Except for the blogular neglect going on, I'm really enjoying my new life. I got two new clients last week - one completely on my own, i.e. the gym didn't direct them to me. I still can't believe this is my life. Tomorrow, I don't have a client until 2pm so I can sleep late on a Monday! And since Friendster Guy isn't on shift that day (his schedule rotates), we can hang out all morning. It's so relaxing. I'm sure my schedule will be more full eventually, and I could see how the randomness of it might be a pain sometimes, but for now it kicks ass. The best thing is that I control it. If I want it to be less random I can just only schedule things at certain times. Granted that may mean I have to turn down a client, but so be it. I can make that decision for myself. It's all up to me. Me, me, me! And that, my friends, is awesome.

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Queen Geek said...

Wooooo! Yay! And Cheer! :)