Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cocoa? Check. Chocolate bars? Check. Drinking chocolate? Check.

I think I have a vitamin deficiency that can only be cured by chocolate. I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought more chocolate products in one trip than I have in the last 10 trips combined. This is why I should probably continue to shop with Friendster Guy and not alone. He helps me with my chocolate impulses and I help him with his cheese cravings. It's a beautiful relationship.

In case anyone out there needs an additional chocolate vice, the answer is drinking chocolate. A little goes a long way... at least calorically. It is one tasty treat. Like drinking, well, melted chocolate, only better. You'll never use Swiss Miss again. Or fit into your skinny jeans. I'm just saying.

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Queen Geek said...

Oh good gracious!! That looks sooooo good!!!