Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cool commercial, lame (lame!) script

I wish I could find an online video of this Volvo S80 commercial to show you but I have scoured the internet and haven't come up with it.

Quick summary:

Woman on yacht gets text message from James Bond type. Woman jumps off boat onto ladder of helicopter. Man and woman speed toward unknown rendezvous. They meet. Man takes out necklace and says seductively, "Happy Anniversary, pudding."


What the...?

Friendster Guy has now taken to calling me pudding at every imaginable opportunity. I may have to beat him.

Update - Ha!I found it!


Queen Geek said...

HA! That's hilarious!

pagalina said...

well, for one thing the actor said it wrong, it should be "puddin'"
no g.
puddin' pop is a nice variation too!

Chalcuckles said...

I agree - it's puddin'. I called Holli that when she was little.