Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Doing my civic duty


Well I did it. I voted.

It was surprisingly hard. I stood in the booth for a long time going Obama? Clinton? Obama? Clinton? I agree more with Clinton's policies but I know that there are people who will vote for anyone else but Clinton in the national election. I don't want to spend the next 4 to 8 years listening to the Democrats against the Republicans again. There needs to be more across the aisle interaction if anyone's policies are to be put in place. I personally think Hillary can do that if given the chance but I don't think she can overcome the strange animosity people have toward her. It bugs me that people dislike her simply for the sake of disliking her.

I've asked some friends and family why they don't like her and they can't give an actual reason. All they can say is "I just hate her." I keep thinking they are really saying "I just hate her...because she's a bitch." She's only a bitch because people have determined that "masculine" qualities on a woman equal "bitchy" instead of "leader". I'd bet if you had a male actor say the exact same things she's been saying in the same tone people would think he was perfect and ready to lead the country.

Anyway, I voted. It's done until November. A lot more people than me have to vote between now and then. Make sure you're one of them.


Josh said...

i think i've decided not to change my registration for the primary.

personally, my reason for not voting for clinton would be because since january of 1981, there's been someone named bush or clinton serving in the white house.

even if you don't count the first 8 of those years because george hw bush was vice president, by the time someone is sworn in next january, it will have been 20 years since a president wasn't called bush or clinton.

MiChal said...

I can't stand Hillary Clinton but it isn't because she's a woman playing what has traditionally been a man's game. (I can think of another politically powerful woman that I WOULD vote for if she'd ever run). There are several reasons why I wouldn't vote for her, just as there are several reasons why I wouldn't vote for McCain, Edwards, Guiliani, or Thompson.

But since you asked (sortof), here's a quick off-the-top-of-my-head list of reasons why I don't want her in the White House:

* I don't trust her or her motivations
* She's amazingly adept at manipulation & long-term strategy (which would be a good thing if I trusted her motivations)
* Bill Clinton in the White House again, even if only in the First Lady offices.
* I'm not so sure she'd have made it this far in the presidential race if she *hadn't* been a woman. I could make a similar point for Thompson (actor), Guiliani (9/11), and a couple of the other candidates.

I feel a post to my own blog coming on...

In my 20s and 30s I tended to vote for Democratic candidates. But as the clock ticks on I've moved more and more toward the Republican side of the fence. Maybe someday we can talk politics over a pitcher at The Chicken.