Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I can't get to MySpace

I can't access my MySpace profile.

What happened was this: when I moved I canceled my Verizon phone service and, unbenownst to me ahead of time, they subsequently shut off my Verizon email account. Because MySpace only lets you update your account when you reply to their email to your old email address I'm S.O.L.

I'd emailed the powers that be at MySpace (not "Tom") to get it fixed and now I can't seem to get into my account with my old email address or my new address. I'm shut out. Which means I can't even go in and erase my profile. Given that I am now a more "public" figure I'd really like to go in there and change things. I'm not freaking out yet but because of this I'm giving a lot more thought to what's out there about me on the internet. As time goes by, my MySpace profile will be more and more out of date, not to mention cheesy. I'd rather not have potential clients seeing what is currently up there.

Anyone out there have any suggestions.


Mahala said...

Oh wow.. oops even.

Sponng said...

Yeah, I recently got locked out of Myspace, can't log in from Satellite Connection. I have to VPN into a secure separate network to get access to Myspace.