Monday, January 14, 2008

The pot calling the kettle black

I received the following comment from "Anonymous" on an old post of mine about the use of gross looking icons in drug commercials (i.e. the Mucus family).

"wow. i think this is the dumbest blog yet.
who cares what they use for advertisement.
does it really affect your life that much?
I actually collect pictures from magazines of these guys.
i have them hanging on my wall,
the whole mucus gang,
and every one loves them
why dont you find somthing better to do with your time than post blogs about this stupid shit.

And yet, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, you felt the need to waste your time writing a comment almost as long as the post. Me thinks thou doth protest too much.


DecemberFlower said...

I think he's a little weird for collecting ads with mucus to hang on his walls. :/

Queen Geek said...

Wow, someone has waaaaay too much on his/her anonymous hands. Yes, let's all collect ads and hang them on our walls and then get bent out of shape when people have a different opinion. Then we'll be cool. Sheesh. A huge raspberry for that one, PTHHHHHHHT.