Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ego tripping

Despite now putting in 12 hour days I love my new job! You would too if this is what your Wednesday looked like

In one day I had one of the other trainers go out of their way to tell me I'm looking good, then my boss told the entire staff in a meeting that essentially I'm awesome and she wishes everyone were me, AND one of my clients wrote a letter to my employer telling them how much she loves working with me. I quote, "I want to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with my sessions. Sassy puts me through my paces with good humor, a huge level of energy, and is incredibly thoughtful about how I may be feeling...I cannot thank her enough for her patience, keen observations and really hard work."

Yup, yesterday was an awesome day. Quitting my office prisoner position was the best thing I ever did.

(And now I will attempt to get my swollen head through the door.)

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