Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Items may have shifted during flight

I would like to make a law banning jogging shorts from all gyms. I have come way too close to seeing male clients goods than I ever want to get. It makes for a very uncomfortable situation. What am I supposed to say? Excuse me sir, I think you need to corral your 'nads?

And may I point out that it's never the hot guys who are wearing them. (Not that I want to see their twig and giggle berries either. Cajones* should always be kept in check, even Brad Pitt's.)

* I'm trying to use as many slang terms for testicles as I can in this post. Feel free to add some more to the comments section. That's right, it's audience participation time. Follow the bouncing ball! (hee hee)


DecemberFlower said...


Michael J. said...

The family jewels, for the sperm-enabled...

Sassy, check out this cool new Apple fitness patent:

Queen Geek said...

You crack me up! I too believe that jogging short should be banned.