Sunday, March 30, 2008

That biatch Wendy

Apparently Wendy's went ahead and raised the prices on everything on their 99 cent menu. I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to call it the 99 cent menu if the items for sale are at least $1.09 and up.

When did this happen*? Why wasn't I informed? I could have saved myself an embarrassing moment in front of a 14 year old sales clerk at the drive-in if I had known. When you're out shopping and you know you only have about $2.31 in change to your name and you think that's going to cut it for two items off the cheapskate menu it is NOT COOL when the price has been raised and you have to stammer "uh, I'm short a dime [and unbelievably lame], can you take one of those items off?"

What IS cool however is when you pull up to the next window to pick up the one measly item you could afford and they give you both anyway.


*According to Wikipedia, "The menu was restructured in 2007 as the Super Value Menu with prices ranging from 99¢ to $2.00." Damn it!

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Queen Geek said...

I's like to second that "Mmmm...Frosty..." and add a Homer Simpson drool.