Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Memories, all alone in the...hmmm, what was I doing?

How come whenever I'm away from a computer I think of the most fabulous, witty, and dare I say, profound things to blog about but whenever I sit down in front of a keyboard I turn into Gomer Pile or an amnesia patient?

If you can figure that out you might win a prize. Not the Nobel, but perhaps a Webby or something.

Which reminds me of a thing I was listening to on NPR today about "The Woman Who Can't Forget"

"... Jill Price is able to recall every detail of every single day of her life since she was the age of 12. Her book is called "The Woman Who Can't Forget" and Price will tell us what happens to her when she recalls the memory of, say, that first kiss...and that first break up."
Can you imagine? It would be nice to remember every happy thing but what about every slight, every insult, every embarrassment, every grudge, every moment of high school? Dear God! That would suck. Talk about needing therapy. Our brain was made to compartmentalize and, I'd guess, desensitize us to what goes on over the course of a lifetime. If I wasn't able to forget certain things I'd think I'd be angry all the time. It's hard to forgive and forget if you literally can't forget.

Speaking of which, if I'd remained married, yesterday would have been my 10 year anniversary. Can you say, dodged that bullet? Phew. The big benefit of my brain being able to forget is that I can simply look at May 19th as a date I had a big party with all my friends and family and not as a regret. Thank goodness I have CRS*.

*Can't Remember Shit

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Wayne said...

I think it's probably at least somewhat nourishing to remember pain -- pain is a force, it's active, it's stimulating. I'd worry about remembering every moment of ennui, every numb second of every trivial thing I've ever done.

I wonder if Jill Price can prioritize her memories, or selectively sift through them. Is the memory of the booger she flicked out the car window five years ago is as vivid as the memory of the moment she lost her virginity? Or are they equally forceful in her consciousness?