Friday, June 13, 2008

100 Things

Last year I created a new birthday tradition wherein I purge the same number of items as my new age. This year that would be 32 things. Since my birthday isn't until August I've got a couple months to think about what to get rid of but just this morning I read an article in Time magazine about a movement to purge your belongings down to 100 Things. I find the idea fascinating. I find the act of trying to do that terrifying if not downright impossible.

Many things flood my brain when I think of going through with such a task. For instance, I have lots of hobbies. Do I get rid of my arts and crafts supplies? What if I feel like coloring? Or embossing some homemade cards? Now that I think about it, I actually own two different embosser thingies. And the last time I used them was ....? Should I keep them just in case? Come to think of it, is my ability to make embossed cards just adding more stress to my life? I haven't thought about making cards in a long time but now I feel like I should because I have all the supplies. Hmmm...This could actually be an interesting project on numerous levels. Maybe I should aim for 500 things first.

In the meantime, I'll peruse this guy's blog about his own quest to get down to 100 things. (Here's his archives with more entries)

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Chalcuckles said...

Pick a room and get it down to 100 the kitchen. Alton Brown of "Good Eats" suggests emptying a drawer; you can only add utensils to it after you've actually USED them (and washed them, of course). After a while (seems like he said 6 months or a year) you should get rid of all the unused utensils.