Friday, June 20, 2008

15 down, 44 to go

The other day I found a list I wrote titled "I'd like to..." It doesn't have a date on it but I'd guesstimate from some of the things I've already completed on the list that it's from 2002-2003. Here, in all it's glory, is my list. I've marked the things I have done in red. I'm really quite pleased with how much I've accomplished.

  1. Visit Morocco (done- 2004)
  2. Spike my hair (done - 2006 at a charity fashion show)
  3. Go visit friend in China - unfortunately that friend no longer lives there.
  4. See the Redwoods (done - 2005 in Muir Woods, CA)
  5. Take whitewater kayak lessons
  6. Work at alma mater - I'm not so much interested in this anymore. There was a perfect opportunity awhile ago but since I switched careers it didn't make sense, or interest me.
  7. Weigh 125 pounds - I managed this for about a week.
  8. Do a handstand while touching my toes to the back of my head.
  9. Build (design) my own house.
  10. Own a dog or two.
  11. Have a garden with fanciful corners everywhere.
  12. Make a living doing what I love, whatever that may be.
  13. Visit Australia - I'm currently planning a trip for fall of 2009
  14. Visit Ireland.
  15. Volunteer at Planne dParenthood.
  16. Wear leather pants.
  17. Be able to french braid my hair - Given that my hair is currently 2-3 inches long this isn't high on my list to get done.
  18. Decorate my house any way I want.
  19. Go on a cross country trip stopping anywhere I want
  20. Be an artist/artisan
  21. Be a professional organizer - I've now done this several times. In fact, I'm supposed to get back to someone about scheduling another session.
  22. Age gracefully.
  23. Learn a craft and be good at it.
  24. Get a dragon tattoo on my back.
  25. Be able to run 5 miles in a row.
  26. Master the Spanish language - yeah, buena suerte con este.
  27. Wear, and look good in, a bikini.
  28. Write a novel.
  29. Be able to do the splits in all three directions.
  30. Climb all the way up Mount Washington, NH.
  31. Be wealthy - I think my thoughts on what wealth is have changed since I wrote this list.
  32. Be passionate about something.
  33. Sing in a lounge act.
  34. Have a cool nickname - Devastation, 'nuf said.
  35. Get a manicure.
  36. Be athletic.
  37. Do something that few people have done - like hike the Appalachian Trail or climb Mount Everest.
  38. Be on a TV show as an extra or guest appearance.
  39. Be beautiful, not just cute - I don't know if I am allowed to determine if I've done this or not.
  40. Be a free spirit.
  41. Own a beach house with my friends.
  42. Know what my greatest accomplishment so far is.
  43. Join a sports team.
  44. Learn a new skill every year - so far so good.
  45. Take a "round the world" cruise.
  46. Learn to drive stick - I'm a few more drives away from feeling comfortable with this.
  47. Learn automechanics.
  48. Take classes at the League of NH Craftsmen
  49. Do the 3 day breast cancer walk. (Ok, I did the 2 day)
  50. Own a house perfect for entertaining.
  51. Get an article published in "Rosie" - oops, that no longer about Real Simple instead?
  52. Write a book of organizing tips
  53. Write and illustrate a children's book
  54. Bellydance on stage - I took the class...
  55. Learn to juggle
  56. Teach sex-ed
And here are three new ones that have been floating around in my mind
  1. Speak at a professional conference
  2. Be an NPR contributor (a voice on the radio, not just a donor)
  3. Get a tattoo that looks like henna.


jt said...

I submit that by changing your career and doing something you love, you've acomplished "Age gracefully.".

Perhaps you're confusing "age gracefully" with being "gracefully old", which is a different thing completely.

However, by aging gracefully, you're well on your way to being gracefully old.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for getting so much done! I'm loving the idea of making a list like this! It's the sort of thing I'd like to do, but never do... Essentially I guess I need to put "make a to do list" on my to do list.