Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life's a Beach

While I was on vacation last week my brain wandered, as it tends to do anyway but really does while relaxing on vacation, and I kept having thoughts. The kind of thoughts that lead to really random blog posts as well as really long to do lists. Because I was on vacation with little else to do but eat and read (awesome!) I started writing these thoughts down (dangerous). As I now scan this list of non sequitors I see that I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to my boss about speaking at a personal training conference. (What?) I also wrote down things like "mosaic the book shelf in the kitchen " and "do an oral history of my friends who escaped Iran during the revolution."

Am I kidding me?

Luckily, there was one thing I wrote down that does not involve me starting a 6 to 24 month to lifetime project and that was my list titled, "How to make real life more like a vacation." Now this, this I can get behind. The other things are just a teensy bit on the side of crazy talk. So, without further ado, here is how I decided to make life more vacationy.

  1. Work less (duh!)
  2. Keep life simple (you always bring more stuff than you need on vacation with you, same is true in real life, downgrade)
  3. Be a tourist in your own area
  4. Eat locally and not at chain restaurants
  5. Spend less money
  6. Spend more time on things you want to do than on things you think you need to do.
  7. Read more and don't save "summer reading" for the summer
  8. Create a "getaway"space, somewhere comfy and cozy in your house to escape to.
  9. Take walks
  10. Take deep breaths
  11. Keep only beautiful meaningful, useful things
  12. Eliminate the guilt from doing all of the above and below
  13. Visit galleries, museums, and artistic spaces
  14. Eat out for breakfast
  15. Take naps
  16. Own only white or off-white linens (everything matches everything else)
  17. Go on a picnic
  18. Take art and/or cooking and/or dance classes
  19. Eat more slowly
  20. to be continued...
Do you have anything you'd add?

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