Thursday, August 14, 2008

Touch me baby!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I know I've been MIA for a couple weeks here. You can blame Friendster Guy. He bought me an iTouch for my birthday (awesome!!!) but because of it I can check my email anywhere and no longer find myself sitting at a computer terminal. I tried to blog from my iTouch this morning but I can't figure out how to type in Blogger. I'll have to start emailing myself the text and then downloading it some other time. However, it's kind of tough to type long statements with the tips of your fingers. It's great for quick emails but not paragraphs of bloggy information.

Except for keeping me away from blogging, the iTouch is wicked awesome (please note: I am originally from Massachusetts and am therefore allowed to use the word "wicked" with impunity.) I only asked for an MP3 player and I got the whole internet.

I did have to explain to FG that giving a girl a small box and saying "This comes with a question" is not the right way to go about giving said girl a gift that is decidely not an engagement ring. His question turned out to be "When does your cell phone contract expire?" because he would have upgraded me to an iPhone if it was soon. His heart was in the right place but the romance was a little lacking. Can't blame a a guy for trying.


Josh said...

Sassy --

To blog from your iTouch (I do this from my Blackberry on occasion):

(1) Send an e-mail to; it will reply with an access code.

(2) Log in to blogger on your computer; I forget how to do it, so you might have to search, but there's something that lets you claim a mobile blog.

(3) After you punch in your access code, it will confirm a new blog for you using your mobile; you can change the setting so that it uses anything you send from the mobile for your existing blog instead.

(4) After that, anything you e-mail to from that same e-mail address posts automatically to your blog.

Chalcuckles said...

I'm glad you're back. I missed you. BTW, I went to a party recently. Amazing how many people are still in the dept. I talked for awhile with the one in your old job. Do you still keep up with the daughter?