Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Zen and the Art of Dating

You know what I'm learning as a single girl? Patience. And how to recover when you've gotten your hopes up and things don't work out. It's all very zen.

I've had to use these zen skills recently because nice med student has not yet responded to my email and the one potentially real date I was to have this weekend has asked if we can postpone it. He was very nice and considerate about it - something came up that squashed his time frame to get some things done and he's stressed about it. He didn't want to be eating dinner with me thinking of all the other things he had to do. Also, instead of making me wait until Friday or even Saturday to know whether or not things had settled down on his end and we could go out he just said let's postpone it. I thought that was rather thoughtful of him. He didn't want to string me along and cancel at the last minute. And since he use the word "postpone" several times he does want to see me in the future.

Ooooommmm... (that's me being Zen)

I'm going to give nice med student until after this weekend and then I may send him another email wondering why he hasn't responded. Probably something like this:

Dear Nice Med Student,
I have noticed that you have not responded to the email I sent you a week or so ago. Given the immediacy of email I can only assume certain things. I have several possible scenarios as to why you have not gotten back to me and they are:
a) You are paralyzed by my beauty and charm and just can't get up the nerve to say hi.
b) You, being a busy med student, just haven't had the time.
c) You have a significant other and I'm too dense to have figured that
d) My first email never got to you and you've been desperately trying to figure out which [insert common name] I am in the directory not
realizing that I'd already contacted you.
e) You are an exceptionally good actor and found me utterly unattractive, boring and obnoxious and are choosing to ignore me until I go away.
f) [common name] who?

If your answer is A, B, C, D or something equally benign, let me know. If nothing else, you've made a new friend who thinks you're a nice guy. If it's E or F, honesty is the best policy. Just be nice about it.

What do you think?

Addendum to this post - I have discovered that my email has been selective as to what it is sending. At least one person has told me they did not get my message. Sooo...I have re-emailed nice med student explaining this and resending my original message. Just in case his was one that was lost in the ether. If it wasn't, well, he has a good excuse to use as to why he has not yet responded to me. He would be lying, but it would be a good excuse. And reminder. Hey! Respond to me already!

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NinjaMama said...

Have you ever seen the Friends episode of Monica calling back Richard's answering machine over and over and trying to be 'breezy'?


You make me smile girl!