Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm reverting to my adolescence and I like it.

Folks, I’m in like. That’s right, I said like. As in “Do you like him, like him?” I did not expect this but I really like High School Guy (HSG). He’s funny, easy to look at, and I’m totally comfortable around him. He called me this morning just to check in. And then I called him at his DJ job this afternoon (where he warned me British Musician Guy was going to call me and that I should let him down easy. I'm taking that to mean HSG doesn't want me to go out with British Musician.) You know how I was looking for that witty West Wing type banter? Did I ever tell you that? It's part of my Match profile after some rather unexciting date conversations. Anyway, totally got it with HSG. And he’s definitely wanting us to go out again : )

Remember my almost date with the guy who wore too much bling? High School Guy is really good friends with him. Or at least was in high school. Bling Guy may come up sometime (since he now has two friends here which makes the 2.5 hour drive more palatable) and HSG is going to teach us how to snow board. Very cool.

Who knew I would shell out $50 for and instead find someone I knew from high school through a co-worker? There's a reason my favorite word is Serendipity.

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