Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm feeling very accomplished today.

Partly to allay my guilt at not going out running, I have been getting a bunch of stuff done since I got out of work.

- I got my haircut.
- Filled up my car. (Ok, so I did these first two on my lunch break.)
- Went to the recycling center, aka Transfer Station.
- Updated Quicken. (I'm switching from biweekly paychecks to monthly paychecks and there is going to be a little bit of a financial squeeze between now and the first. Luckily, my big bills aren't due until then.)
- Uploaded 4 CDs from the library into my computer. (Why did it take me this long to realize I could do this? Doh! Free music. All genres. Get thee to thy library and pillage their collections!)
- Found a basket for a wedding gift I need to put together for next weekend. They didn't register so I'm giving them a bunch of breakfast goodies - jams, syrup, International Foods coffee etc...Stuff they don't need to keep forever.
- Did my laundry.
- And now I'm waiting for dinner to be ready.
- Then, if the motivation continues, and even if it doesn't, I have the lofty goal of finishing transcribing the last interview for my thesis. Wish me luck!

You gotta run with the motivation when it hits you. The key is to not sit down when you get home. It helps when all your seating areas are covered in the stuff you moved out of your old office.


Anonymous said...

i've wanted to get the cd's out at the library and put them onto my computer, but at my library there are BIG signs everywhere saying how illegal it is. I feel so guilty doing it like they are going to know I did it...

Jonh Neo said...

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