Thursday, July 27, 2006

State of the Union

Every so often the President gets up and tells the world about the state of the Union, in what is creatively called, the State of the Union. Admittedly, I never watch. I just can't. It's like chalkboard fingernail scratching and water torture combined - quick painful bursts and inexorable discomfort. Just one more reason I am glad I no longer have cable.

What all this has to do with the price of tea in China I don't know. But in a week from today I will be turning thirty and I thought it might be a good idea to take stock once again. For awhile there I was updating you all on the Sassy Pants Seven (or Eight depending): Diet, Discardia, Thesis, Work, Finances, Vacation, Fitness and Relationship. That seems to have fallen by the wayside but I intend to change that here. Hopefully, the state of my union will not be quite as painful as the real one.

Diet - There is a reason that the diet and fitness industries are bazillion dollar money makers. That reason being that I, like so many others, cannot seem to gather up the will power to stop feeding my freakin' FACE. Ahem...Since the time that I vowed to lose five pounds I have gained 4. Yeeha! I'm both an over and underachiever at the same time. Part of this is because I stopped running after the half marathon. My IT band was making my knee hurt so I rested. I haven't been a compete and utter slacker though. I still teach my abs class and take a couple classes at the gym (ok, one class, one. Pbltt!) but my tummy is paying the price. I did get on the treadmill again last night and ran a mile. Man does a person atrophe fast. It was tough. But I'll keep at it.

Discardia - For those new to Big Girl Underoos that is the practice of getting rid of one's stuff. For awhile I was getting rid of one thing a day. I made it to about 30 things and then stopped. However, I am contemplating getting a new, smaller, cheaper apartment closer to work if possible so I need to regroup and figure out what I need, want, don't even realize I have and purge once again. Realizing that I may be going from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom or even studio apartment is certainly motivation.

Thesis - I have grand plans to work on my thesis this weekend. Before I got my new job I was telling some friends that I thought the new job would inspire me to work on it and it has. For one, I now work in the same building as my program's administration so I pass by the office anytime I enter or leave the building. For another, I'm busier and energized and I don't have to force myself with my own deadlines at work so I'm much more willing to deal with self-imposed deadlines at home. It was too hard pushing myself at work and at home. A girl's gotta rest. But I WILL finish transcribing my last interview this weekend. Maybe I'll even have an outline or put some ideas on paper.

Work - New job, new digs, new energy. I'm enjoying it so far. I appreciate having tasks that end and I can take off my to do list. And deadlines. And a team that knows what I'm doing. And being closer to the action. So far so good!

Finances - This is going well. I am transitioning between biweekly paychecks and monthly so I've had to do some planning and paying attention but I still actually have money in my account despite only having been paid for one week since July 1. I have had to resort to using my credit card but I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to pay it off again after I get paid on the first. Next, paying off my car and/or sending a chunk to Sallie May for my student loans - or at least the interest so I can get a tax deduction next year.

Vacation - I took one with Friendster Guy. And it was nice. I know I have another in November but after that, or in the interim, it's wide open.

Fitness - See above under Diet. Softball is now over so I will have time to go to the gym and run and such again. I like being outside but you don't really get a lot of exercise while sitting in the dugout or standing in the field. Quick bursts from base to base do not a workout make. Not for me anyway. For some players it would behoove us to stock an oxygen tank and give it to them if they make it to a base. God forbid if they get a double.

Relationships - I'm going to add familial relationships to this category. Friendster Guy and I seem to be getting along quite well. We know what some of our shortcomings are - me taking things too personally, him not verbalizing thoughts and feelings. But recognizing you have a problem is half the battle. Family-wise my siblings have been informed by my Mom that they had hurt my feelings by being so nice to my X and not being quite as nice to me. My brother apologized specifically and we've talked about it. My sister and I are taking the "I know you know that I know that you know, you know?" approach. I think it will be ok.

That's the state of my union. All in all not a bad place to be on the edge of 30. I'm looking forward to the next decade. My last was quite exciting and eventful. And I learned a lot about myself.

Here's to learning and growing (even if it is older and fatter).


Mrs. Harridan said...

Nice wrap-up! It sounds like you're in a really good place in your life in most aspects.

I really like your idea of getting rid of one thing per day. I have been getting rid of things in short bursts (while the switch is on, so to speak), but maybe the slow and steady approach will be more fruitful.

Sassy Pants said...

I often find that as soon as I pick one thing to purge I see several other things I can also get rid of. So psychologically, one thing a day is a great start - very approachable - and it often ends up being even more productive than you expect.

And yes, I think I am in a very good place. : )

Justin M said...

Nice State of the Union... except I am not sure that the public polls supported your choice of tie this evening! :)

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