Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Revisiting my 43 Things

A week or so ago I posted about the 43 Things I have listed over at the 43 Things website. I have revamped and refurbished it a little and will continue to do so as we count down to the end of the year. One of the things on my list was to "identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)" Since that seemed pretty doable I decided to do it. (It helped that I already wrote 70 of them about a year ago.) Let me know if you discover any duplicates.

1) sleeping in my own bed after a trip
2) lazy Saturdays
3) Having organized closets
4) meeting new people
5) reconnecting with people I already know
6) trying new things
7) making people smile
8) making people laugh
9) inside jokes
10) being with my 4 year old niece.
11) unsolicited hugs from my niece
12) connecting with a child
13) playing hookie from work for an hour
14) my flowers actually growing
15) getting things done before the deadline
16) getting compliments from an ex-boyfriend who is an ex because he gave me the opposite of compliments while we were going out.
17) Mangos
18) seeing grown men act like kids (not adolescents) – silly, excited.
19) Browsing in stores with artistic tchotchkies
20) Mocha lattes
21) Catching a ground ball and tagging someone out
22) Socializing with friends
23) green living things after a long winter
24) changing the page on my calendar
25) Beating my time in a 5K
26) Flirting
27) Parents doing stuff with their kids
28) Lying in the grass
29) romantic comedies
30) seeing someone I haven’t seen in a long time
31) Harry Potter books and movies
32) Lord of the Rings books and movies
33) Billy Boyd
34) beer time after softball games
35) whoopie pies
36) laughter
37) getting cheers and comments on 43 Things
38) discovering new muscles
39) Fantasizing
40) seeing new places
41) Crossing something off my to do list.
42) My favorite song on the radio
43) Being able to roll down the windows in my car
44) bumping into someone unexpectedly
45) Getting RSVPs
46) Discovering that I am not an idiot, it was the data that was screwed up.
47) good hair days
48) finding pants that fit
49) getting to the cash register and finding out something is on sale.
50) funny blogs about life
51) singing showtunes at the top of my lungs
52) Having different friends to vent to about different things
53) Puppies
54) Irish accents
55) Any accents
56) Epcot
57) Maple trees
58) getting out of a speeding ticket
59) a fresh box of crayons
60) the ocean
61) Kids wearing costumes when it’s not Halloween
62) Doing something I’ve never done before
63) Getting an email from someone unexpectedly.
64) Talking like peers with my boss, and her boss.
65) Empty sketchpads waiting to be filled.
66) getting my hair washed by a professional
67) discovering courage I didn’t know I had
68) Crisp autumn air
69) unexpected hugs
70) Discovering someone’s taste in whatever – music, movies, etc – is not what I would have thought.
71) Dancing with wild abandon
72) Waking up naturally with no plans to get out of bed
73) Hearing that my niece wore big girl panties for the first time. Care Bear panties if you must know.
74) Beads
75) Finding out something I never knew about someone that amazes me and makes me respect or admire them even more for their strength, humor, persistence or what have you.
76) Knowing that someone is thinking about me
77) Random acts of kindess
78) Senseless acts of beauty
79) Having someone tell me they love me for the first time.
80) Making out
81) Snuggling
82) Day dreaming
83) Night dreaming
84) Discovering that I still have a few hours left to sleep before the alarm goes off.
85) Peeing after I’ve had to hold it for too long.
86) Curling up in bed with a good book
87) Curling up on the couch with FG and a good book
88) Finishing books right before they are due back at the library
89) Putting things in their place (unless we’re talking about hanging up clothes. I hate that.)
90) FG’s smell
91) Pens that write nicely
92) Being included
93) Losing a pound without trying
94) Losing track of time while working on a project and 1) getting a lot done, 2) getting to go to lunch or home.
95) The smell of baking
96) FG's smile
97) Heartfelt toasts
98) Being silly with other grown-ups
99) My friends
100) My family

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