Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lost in Transcription

Yesterday, I took a day off in order to work on my thesis. Generally, this would mean that I took a day off to sleep late, every so often attempt to work on my thesis, but really, I'd just watch my Netflix delivered Northern Exposure.


Somehow, I managed to kick some major ass on my thesis. To the point where, if I had to turn it in for a class today as is, I'd be very comfortable doing so and I'd expect at least a B. That's right folks, all the pieces and parts are put together, including citations, the table of contents, and the abstract. The only things missing are the pictures but I've got the ones I have organized and ready to go.

Of course, technically, I still have about 3 rounds of edits to go with my readers (if they aren't heavily sedated in Germany) but at least I've got something I'm mostly happy with.

AND I got to watch an episode of Northern Exposure and disk 1 of LOST season 1. It was a very good day. (Although watching LOST by yourself and then walking around your dark apartment before bed isn't exactly conducive to sleep.)

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Sock Girl said...

Sounds like a great day! Congrats on the major progress on the thesis! That is fabulous!