Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coming soon - airbrushed ultrasounds!

You just never know when our imaged obsessed society is going to top itself (and it will top itself. Oh yes it will.) I thought the Faith Hill photo retouch was bad. But lo and behold, it gets worse.


" turns out that retouching is not just for the post-adolescent anymore. Thanks to Pageant Photo Retouching, you can find ways to touch up anyone, even your baby... Just for the shock factor, I encourage you to check out this example of the outfit's work. On the left, a photo of a little girl, her smile looking a little forced (one gets the sense that she is often forced to smile for the camera), but natural nonetheless. On the right? A photo of what appears to be a doll."
Here's another example of a baby who has already had the bags under her eyes removed (and caterpillars added) Because, you know, as an infant she's just not getting enough sleep fretting about whether her thighs look fat or if her formula fits within the South Beach Diet guidelines.

Grrr! It's so frustrating how women are set up for "failure" from the outset. No one can look like the ideal. Not even the ideal. See!: (you've probably seen these pics of Jamie Lee Curtis but it's worth another look)

Thanks Elastic Waist for the heads up on the child retouching. Ick. That makes it sound even more inappropriate.

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