Saturday, September 01, 2007

Internet Ego Boost

A reminder, ladies (and gentlemen), that your flaws and quirks may be exactly what another person finds attractive about you. I received the comment below from Adrift at Sea on my Before picture post.

Writing from the perspective of a man, the pictures you bravely posted, reveal an attractive woman. (And you even posted your height and weight.) I do not claim to represent all men, but I am confident that other men consider a number of different factors. I look at a woman's face, how she carries herself, takes care of her appearance, her shape, and, yes, her legs and buttocks, not necessarily in that order. Many attributes contribute to my overall assessment of female beauty. A person with a little more body to love, may look beautiful to me, just on her face alone, her hair, her complexion, her skin, her smile, her outfit, her shape, or any combination of these features. Some of my turn-offs are bad manners, contempt for other people, total disregard for one's personal health, too much makeup, drug usage, extreme weight conditions, both under and over. I actually prefer a medium build, and a little under or a little over look great. I am an ardent admirer of an hourglass figure, with real and natural curves. So, all in all, you look like a medium build. You are desirable. And the fact that you have an interest in good health is a huge plus. Cheers.

Are any of you single ladies in the LA area? If I learned anything from my three month stint trolling it's this: An articulate man who knows how to use spell check is hard to find. One who actually says something that makes sense and boosts my ego is almost impossible. Thanks Adrift. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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