Thursday, October 04, 2007

When it rains it pours

Dear Universe, Blogosphere, Yoda and David Hasselhoff,

Remember a couple weeks ago when I asked you to give me a sign that I should quit and the very next day my boss's boss pulled some lame ass stupid unnecessary shit and made me realize that I could never survive until Thanksgiving. Remember? Yeah, that was cool. Thanks.

I don't really have a lot to beseech thee about today but I would like to make a request or two. Mostly, what I'm looking for is the ability to recognize when I too am doing lame ass unnecessary shit (preferrably before anyone else does). I think I'm doing pretty good so far but I tend to get grandiose ideas that are great but unnecessary at the moment. For instance, I'd love to create a newsletter for my clients. Would it be great if I gave them one? Yes. But is it necessary right now when I don't even know what exercises I'm going to do with them? No. Ergo, I need to be stopped before I play with any more Word templates. (By the by, I believe Word was created by the devil and Jerry Falwell to make every project 300 times harder than necessary. I just want to import a picture. Is that too much to friggin' ask? IS IT?!!! *deep breath* I'm ok now. Really. I'm ok. I'm going to my happy place. John Cusack and Eric Bana are meeting me there. *exhale*)

What I'd also like to ask is that you grant my friends and family the patience to deal with me whilst I neglect them this month. It just isn't going to be possible for me to be all things to all people, or even small things to a couple of people. I'm going to try, but sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster, it ain't going to be easy. I know things will come back to an even keel once my schedule settles down but October is probably a wash. I haven't even thought about my Halloween costume yet and usually by this time I have 3 homemade ones already done and ready for public consumption. This year, it's not going to happen. I'll throw on a graduation robe, some round glasses and call myself Harry Potter. I already have the scarf.

In addition, and this is just an FYI, Friendster Guy had an offer on a condo accepted and we're now going to be moving early next month. Crazy in bulk. It's what I do.

To recap: I'm looking for help saying no (to my own self as well as others), and patience and forgiveness from friends and family for sheer and utter neglect. And if you'd like to throw in some nice boxes for packing, I wouldn't say no.

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