Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank you Universe!

Holy crap!

I just weighed myself this morning and according to the scale that usually flashes such evil (or at least unfriendly) numbers at me, I weigh 128.8 pounds! For those of you who remember Sassy's Seven Week Challenge, in May I weighed 137 pounds and was challenging myself to lose 7 pounds. By the end of the 7 weeks, I weighed about 135 pounds. My goal did not come to fruition. But now. Now! I've been losing weight without even really trying (sort of).

In a comment a few posts back anonymous asks, "How is it to no longer be an office prisoner and instead, a gym rat for hire?" Oh lordy it's wonderful! Even the 6am clients are worth it. I'm in constant motion - demonstrating lunges, doing push-ups with people, and teaching a class. If I have a big break between clients I can simply change my shirt and work out. What's funny is that I have probably had less "workouts" in the last two weeks than I had before. But when I do, I'm working harder. You never know when a client, or perspective client, might be watching.

I'm not sure the numbers will stay that low by the end of this weekend though. I have 4 Thanksgiving meals that commence in about 4 hours and don't stop until Saturday. At least I know I can get below 130 if I try. Wow. I haven't been this light since high school.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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