Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two things...

1) I finished #8 on my Git 'er done list!!! Whoo! That's right, I finally finished my quilt. It's kind of jalopy-ish and I certainly wouldn't give it to anyone as a gift but the first thing Friendster Guy did when he saw it was ask if he could bring it to work for his night shifts. Awesome.

2) From Affluenza - "Americans spend more on trash bags than 90% of the world's 210 countries spend for everything." Dang. If that doesn't rock you back on your heels I don't know what will.


fg said...

Gotta have 'em.
(See "fg" link above.)

Chalcuckles said...

Congratulations on completing the quilt! I had sinus surgery last week and I'm just now up and moving around longer than 20 minutes. Now that I'm beginning to feel better and I'm finally going through some of the stacks I've amassed, I can see just how much and for how long my sinus issues have affected my entire life.

Item #2 is sadly amazing.