Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sassy's Seven Week Fitness Challenge Week 2 (Slightly Belated)

How y'all doing?

I know it's a couple of days in to the second week of Sassy's Seven Week Fitness Challenge and I have said hide nor hair about it.

"Sassy, did you get all in a kerfuffle about trying to be funny and then clam up in fear because you have this irrational need/urge/drive to be liked?"

Why yes, dear readers, I did. And now I'm over it. So pblttt!

Ok, so, I did not lose any weight this week. On the one hand, sweet mother of mochas, why, god, why!? On the other hand, I didn't gain any either. Phew. Since I can't prance around in a tizzy over any weight loss, I can congratulate myself on other things I did well. If you're in the same boat, I suggest you do the same.

Quick review: My goal is to lose 5 % of my body weight which ends up being 7 pounds. So far I'm O for 7. However, when it comes to the steps I laid out to get to this goal, I'm doing pretty well. I have been writing in my food journal and exercise log religiously. I've mostly been planning my meals ahead - especially breakfast and lunch. I had planned to join the 200 Club - i.e. do 200-250 minutes of aerobic activity per week, and I have exceded my expectations. Last week I did over 400 minutes! And managed to have a full time job, see friends, eat (duh), do laundry, and have sex a couple of times despite the gym induced fatigue (yeeha!). And that activity didn't even count in the cardio minutes! This week I already have 105 minutes under my belt, and it's only Tuesday morning. This more than anything will be what gets the weight off I think. I have not yet bought a heart rate monitor. When I crave chocolate or sweet foods, I haven't been eating fruit. But I have been eating fudgicles - which is not perfect but is better than dishes of ice cream or the whoopie pie I wanted to get yesterday.

The most miraculous thing however, is the total lack of mocha lattes for an entire week. I was less Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde than I thought I'd be about it as well. I will say that the unsweetened pomegranite iced tea I tried yesterday instead was foul (blech!) so I won't be having that again, but I do think I can stick with my iced coffee and splenda plan.

Hmmm... fudgcicle dipped in iced coffee...

Good wishes for the coming week ladies and gents. Feel free to add your week's accomplishments in the comments.

[Update: I forgot to mention that I was able to tighten my belt an extra hole this week. Awesome!]


tjdygon said...

I've been going for my walks. Haven't done much with my "jogs" I got out my pedometer and it needs a new battery.
Eat well yesterday. No snacking and healthy eating. Even turned down ice cream. Got on the scale too so I know what the # is.
Today there were homemade doughnuts at work and I had a small one. So i will go for a longer walk to make up for it.

jt said...

my goal is a 13% drop (28 pounds). at 7 weeks I had lost 15. at 9 weeks I'm at -19.5, less than 10 to go.

keep a daily log, and weigh yourself at the same time each day. you'll see the daily (up and down) variations which turn gradually into a long-term down-trend. also, track something that gets closer to the goal each day (like # of hours w/o a latte or something) so that you can demonstrate progress to yourself if even your weight doesn't change, or even goes up a little (which is going to happen).

Good luck and remember, slow and steady wins *this* race.

DecemberFlower said...

I'm kind of glad that I didn't make any food-related goals. Not that I'm going all cake and ice cream. I'm definitely trying to substitute better snacks. I just don't want the pressure of having to keep track of every little thing and then feeling bad if I mess up.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm doing great!

I made a point of trying to find out how many calories I should eat for the weight I want to be as well as how many calories need to be burned to lose a pound at the beginning of last week.

I found an easy formula for calorie range...multiple your ideal weight by 10 and 15, and stay in between the two numbers. My goal weight of 135 means I should take in 1350-1925 per day, and I've succeeded every day (thanks, FitDay, for showing me how many calories I burn from more than just activity), even last Friday when I went out to eat with my mom and step dad and had steak, loaded baked potato (butter, cheese, sour cream), and corn. I managed that feat on Friday (barely) because I sticked to my plan of stretching restaurant meals into at least two meals.

Since I also found that 3500 calories need to be burned to lose one pound, I am striving for over 1000 calories burned every week day, which I did.

I weighed in Friday morning and had lost 2 lbs. But, the best thing of all is that I feel so much better already; I'm not as tired as I had been and don't drag quite as much in the mornings;> A couple waist bands aren't as tight as they were a few days pre-challenge, so that is exciting progress.