Friday, December 07, 2007

My year in brief.

We're still a couple weeks away from all the annual wrap up shows and lists and whatnot that will be pouring down upon our heads from media outlets everywhere, but I thought I'd get a jump on the competition. I've gone through a serious series of transitions and new things this year. Pretty much nothing in my life is the same as it was way back in January. Here's 20 highlights, or lowlights, you decide.

1) Thanks to some lessons, I can now ski. And I like it. I intend to do some this weekend in fact.
2) I finished my Masters. Whoop!
3) I've lost 13 pounds!
4) I paid off my car and got my X's name off the title.
5) I got an IUD and stopped having my period! Joy! Rapture! I have not had to buy tampons since March.
6) I went on a cruise with my Mom.
7) I vacationed with Friendster Guy in Ogunquit.
8) I passed out in the bathroom at work.
9) I posted Before pictures of myself on the internet. I should probably take some After, or at least In Transition pictures taken.
10) I bought Crocs even though I had solemnly swore I'd never do so.
11) I got measured to determine what size bra I'm actually supposed to wear.
12) I read a crapload of books. I was keeping track but then life got hectic and it was a list I didn't feel the need to keep up.
13) I hosted Australians at my apartment and made plans to return the favor in 2009.
14) I discovered my father should not be allowed to attend sporting events. Or if he does, he must be muzzled.
15) I bought a Playstation and learned to rock out on Guitar Hero. Hmmm...we haven't set it up on our new HD TV yet. Looks like I have a project.
16) I talked to Barak Obama.
17) I got a new nephew.
18) I quit my office prisoner job to become a personal trainer.
19) I moved in with Friendster Guy.
20) I finished my Christmas shopping.

I've had a heck of a year. Phew.


Queen Geek said...

This is a great idea! I might borrow it down the road if that's okay.

Justin M. said...

I think #20 is a LOW!! You need to be ready to brave the last minute craziness that happens closer to the deadline! hahahahaha